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Rockeal Delgado better known as Rocky, is an American rapper from Brevard county, born in Melbourne Florida. Nationality being Cuban American, and Spaniard.

She has been doing music since 11 and had her first mixtape out at 12. Rocky was raised by a single mother who was diagnosed terminally ill with bone cancer and was given a certain amount of months to live when she was only 10 years old, with her mom on the brink of death Rocky was forced to figure out the world on her own and at the age of 13 she left home. In this time she experienced some of the most life altering experiences that shaped who she is today. She survived on her own by traveling the United States for a year. Ending up in California, the streets of Los Angeles is where she learned her most valuable life lessons. At the age of 14 Rocky was sent to do 15 months in a level 8 program in the state of Florida and was released when she was 16. Rocky went to Sebastian High school in Indian River county. After her probation was terminated she made her way back to Brevard county where she met the father of her child. Unfortunately that relationship was short lived. At the age of 17 Rocky got pregnant with her son, 3 months after having him she became a single mother who had to provide for him on her own with no state assistance. Dancing was the only way to support her family, and live comfortably. Rocky started dancing at the age of 18. Shortly after she got back into the studio to do music until the age of 20, but she felt like she was at a standstill so she took a 4 year break from dancing, rapping, and doing shows. At the age of 24 Rocky came back wrote her single Houdini and Fanatic which weren’t released until 2 years later.  In this time she released Fast Money, The Come Up, and Solo. Currently at age 26 Rocky’s pushing her single Solo and is the owner of Rock Out Entertainment.